Sean Wolcoff sitting at his desk.

Episode 1

Protective Detail

Working for the United States Secret Service means you’re called to take a bullet if need be…but most probably don’t know how much…

Hunting the Hunters Featured Image

Episode 2

Hunting the Hunters

When a child disappears, every second counts. Communication between law enforcement agencies, the public and the child’s family has to happen…

Art of Identity Featured Image

Episode 3

Art of Identity

Recreating a person’s identity from nothing but bones is no easy task. In this episode, Delia learns the science and vision behind the work…

The Most Wanted Featured Image. Manny Puri sitting at his desk.

Episode 4

The Most Wanted

Carry a gun. Kick down a door. Repeat. Sounds like a script ripped right from a television show, but U.S. Marshal Chief Deputy Manny Puri explains that the reality facing…

Overseeing Outcries Featured Image.

Episode 5

Overseeing Outcries

Every day children are abused both physically and sexually. Every day they have to tell someone about what happened to or is still happening…

Man of the Law Featured Image - US Flag flying in the wind.

Episode 6

Man of the Law

Former United States Attorney David DeVillers sits down with Delia to talk about what it takes to go toe-to-toe with organized…

Game of Spies Featured Image - CIA Logo

Episode 7

Game of Spies

Who is the real Jason Bourne? Is Jack Ryan real? In this episode we sit down with former director of the CIA, Porter Goss, to take a closer look…

War on Drugs Featured Image.

Episode 8

War on Drugs

The war on drugs is real and intense every day for agents who work for the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. In this episode…

Defining Death Featured Image - Coroner's Office Exterior.

Episode 9

Defining Death

Most people watch a TV show and think they know what a forensic pathologist does…but they couldn’t be more wrong. In this episode, Delia…